Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

SleepyHollowHeather had a very important test for her professional teaching license on Saturday, a long 5-hour endeavor that she is glad to be done with. After dropping her off at the 6th Avenue Hilton, I drove up to Central Park (unwittingly getting stuck in Hare-Krishna parade traffic) and set out to fish for bass at Harlem Meer. Here's a plug for my new fishing blog, www.ifishny.blogspot.com, wherein you can read about my fishing triumphs (and failures).

On Sunday Heather and I drove up to Westchester County to check out villages and towns for a new place to live. Heather has applied to several schools in the area, and after seeing Sleepy Hollow I have to say I am quite taken with the whole palce and look forward to a life of peace, quiet, and running for my life from a satanic Christopher Walken.

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Shayna said...

i am eyeing new paltz as a possible next/future move....so we could be county neighbors..kind of. valley neighbors?