Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Let Me Catch You Up

So aside from my losing/buying a new phone and camera, and a trip to Lake Tahoe (wherein i became deputized to perform the wedding ceremony of my two friends in California in August), i ALSO attended a wedding in Saratoga Springs, which i was remiss in reporting...
Saratoga is beautiful, i love going up there and seeing old friends, especially for a wedding ceremony where i get to wear a tux. if i could wear a tux to work, i would, though the rental fees would kill me. the wedding was beautiful, and the weekend was magical.

over memorial day, heather and i went BACK upstate to see my old highschool pal, ken. he lives near albany, and so we spent the weekend just enjoying upstate (quiet, relaxing upstate) by playing some par three golf, fishing in lake george, bbbqing, and movie-going.Nick&Ken&Bass

This past weekend, Heather's cousin came down from Boston with Louis and his girlfriend (soon-to-be-live-in-girlfriend) and threw heather a little Bridal Shower Brunch. it was a pleasant weekend, the weather cooperated, we saw some awesome comedy, had some drinks, some good mexican food, and just an all around great time. happiness is all around me.


HeatheratBar This is a picture of heather at a bar in saratoga springs, quite possibly the most beautiful woman in the world. (be still my heart!) and it is with this beauty that my life is changing again. pretty soon, i won't be a new yorker anymore, as some teaching opportunities in Westchester County are calling us to move up there. so after the wedding in September, we'll come back and start a new life in an area north of the city where it's quieter, nicer, and where we can someday (maybe) buy a house. it's a transition that i'm looking forward to, as after my recent jaunts upstate, i get a little agitated coming home to Bushwick (ie, filth, crime and noise).

i'd become a commuter, like so many other people, and it's a role i think i could get into: a cleaner train with a seat, time to read, with coffee in my hand, time to listen to my news podcasts, time to sleep an extra half-hour and less time thinking about all the hipsters and why they wear neck-ties as belts.


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