Friday, January 26, 2007

Champagne for my real friends, Real Pain for my sham friends...

Drunk Train
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But i forgot to tell you about the party last night at work, they were introducing a new something or other, and lo and behold at the end of the affair there were 5 full, opened bottle of champagne left over which me and two other guys finished off while talking about Indian cuisine.

Evidently, I had IM'd some people (which i don't remember) and headed off to the L train, Jay says we talked on the phone (in which i referenced Simpsons yet again) and the next thing I know I am sitting on the L train, which was spinning.

'Last stop, get up nigga,' said a homeboy at the last stop, and i got up in a stupor. Realizing my faux pas, i quickly got on the same train back to my own stop and got home safely, finding Heather cooking dinner, which was good and plenty.

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Anonymous said...

He should of said, 'Get cho a** up, mutha fu**a!' That would have been funny too!