Friday, August 11, 2006

Begin Year 2

But I forgot to tell you that we've been here over a year now, and yes we have decided to stay put, renewing our lease, appreciateing our new jobs and situations and letting our sentences run on and on and on.

The neighborhood (Bushwick) has really changed since we've moved in. It's like every able-bodied hipster who doesn't want to pay Williamsburg (aka Manhattan, Jr.) rent is moving down the L train. I originally liked my barrio for its gritty nature, ethnic monolithism (hispanic) and sense of distance. But the recent newcomers provide an interesting influx of character.

This past week my friend Hart has come to visit. I met him in 6th grade in Iowa City; we used to sneak out in the middle of night and try to meet girls. He was the first of my crew to touch a boob. He's awesome.

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