Monday, August 21, 2006

36 Hours in Queensbury, New York

After work on Friday, Heather and I and Pat and Mark jumped in a rented car and high-tailed it for the place of our auspicious high school years, Queensbury. In what is turning out to be an annual stay at Camp Moynihan on Glen Lake in tandem with a late summer Saratoga Race Track excursion/gamble-fest, we again had a wonderful time in all aspects of the mini-getaway. The lake was warm and inviting for swimming and though the weather was mostly rainy, that didn't stop me from turning a $2 bet on a 44-1 longshot into a 91 dollar payday! Nor did it stop us menfolk from another dinger-fest/homerun tournament in which I hit a grand total of 0 dingers and earned a gross (literally 144) amount of mosquito bites. I am like sugar to them! The rain didn't stop our imbibing of many a beer and consumption of pork in various forms, it didn't stop us from laughing all night or my chastising Mike and Pat for not knowing who Jimmy Carter's brother is.

It was nice to hear crickets again, it was nice to swim in a natural body of water that didn't smell funny, it was nice to get away, but it was also nice to come back.

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Anonymous said...

I saw you guys there the other day. I laughed when you stole all that coffee from Sita at Daily Grinds.