Monday, July 31, 2006

The Lost Month

I've not blogged in a month, and what has transpired? I've been fishing off of Sheepshead Bay in South Brooklyn, which is a wonderful time that enables me to fulfill my dream of kicking back with a beer on a boat while being shat upon by gulls; I've attended a 4th of July Party on a Williamsburg rooftop (courtesy of Mark) overlooking the East River fireworks (courtesy of Macy's); a friend from high school, Ken, visited (and we went fishing); I've been trained at work on Acrobat, and self-trained myself in preliminary skills of Photoshop, iMovie, and Garageband (ps, i love Macs now); my friend from college, Louis, visited me, which entailed much Indian food and basketball letdowns; Heather interviewed twice and was hired as project manager at Kaplan in a matter of 7 days; and I joined a poker league on Wall Street with other people who just want to play nice and get better. I have a feeling much of the rest of this blog will be poker-related. Beware.

For instance, everyone has a poker nickname, what's mine?


Jay said...

How about Ace-hole or Jack-Ass or King-of-the-Jerks...something other than Queen, which you always go with.

Blair Brown said...

Don't gamble your mortgage away..haha