Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thanks, Woolfy

I know it's been a while since i rapped at ya, and things have been busy, so let's get started:

the best thing that's happened thus far, aside from Heather getting yet a third 'A' in as many grad classes, was the road trip we took to Newport, RI for Heather's 24th birthday. She turns 24 every year, of course, but this year I wanted to do something a little spectacular, and knowing her affinity for lighthouses, I arranged for an overnight stay at the Rose Island Lighthouse. It was an amazing time! The lighthouse has been restored to it's 1800's glory, and it was an eye-opener to stay overnight in a place with so much history. And yes, it's a working lighthouse, and we were treated to many a passing ship. We made pizza on the grill outside, we swam in the water, fished, relaxed in the breeze, and made sure to appreciate the windmill that powers the whole island. The salt air was so moist that some of the food we brought turned soggy, something I had not considered, but other than that (and the fucking seagulls who i hate with more fire than the hoary pits of hell) it was a grand time, and I hope to return.

The Moynihan twins had their birthday celebration on a vintage schooner, which is an awesome time on the East River/New York Bay. The ladies were cold, though, and I think next year we'll all remember to bring windbreakers...

A few weeks ago we had Louis' bachelor party weekend extravaganza, and there was much goings on including, but not limited to, drinking, bars, drinking in bars, drinking at a Mets/Rox game, a viewing of Ricky Gervais Live, which was an excellent show, and no strippers. That's right, no strippers.

My Improv 201 class at the UCB is going pretty well, after a little sickness, I'm back in full effect, improving with the best of them, and really having a blast! If you've ever thought of taking an improv class, it's the most fun you'll ever have with strangers who quickly become friends. I found out that my teacher from my first class, Jeff Hiller, is in a movie with Ricky Gervais (what a coincidence), check out the trailer (Jeff is the shirtless guy who says, 'Is this a bad time?')

and my current teacher, Curtis Gwinn has a show on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network) called Fat Guy Stuck in Internet, it's a pretty funny show, and though he's known to be a tough teacher, I find him to be just really smart and committed to the theory and practice of improv. (he's the guy with the 'stache)

I'm hoping I can parlay all this comedy schooling into a position writing for the Onion, or failing that, TV.

That's all for now, kids, but stay tuned because coming up, I've got a road trip to Maine, a road trip to Saratoga, a road trip to Cape Cod, and various goings on which I will be sure to write about well after the fact.

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