Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Been to paradise, but I've never been to ME

But I haven't told you yet about our trip to Maine, which was a first for me and Heather, and what is tantamount to our first road trip in our new car together. We took off last Thursday after work and drove to Boston to stay the night with Louis and Terri, who have a brilliant new apartment, sans crazy roomate, which is complete with 2 rooms, office, den, dining room, breakfast nook, backyard, and mahogany paneling. I'm pretty jealous. I am not jealous, however, of the location. Boston is a cesspool of uncoordinated government and terrible infrastructure. Google maps sent us up I-95 with glee and we were driving with no problems whatsoever UNTIL WE HIT BOSTON. It was a miracle of wrong turns that led us to Louis' house, and we cursed the city planners as we fell asleep. The next morning I took us all out to breakfast, which was delicious lox & bagels.
After breakfast Heather and I meandered to Maine, by way of New Hampshire. We took a little walk and had a sandwich in Portsmouth, then finished our road trip to Portland, wherein we had a nice talk and then took a little tour of some lighthouses, went to lobster dinner (Bryan and I split the dinner for two) at which Bryan showed the insides of his lobster, called the tomalley to his wife, Jill. Jill promptly became nauseated and had to get up from our table and take a moment for herself. I found this peculiar but figured maybe she didn't like the fishy, green goo that some people love to suck from the carcass of a freshly cooked lobster.

When she sat down again, Bryan said, 'Me likey bouncy.'
He was so nonchalant about it, such wondrous news, that Heather and I had to do an aural double-take, but realizing that he was being serious, there was much celebration at the table, and if our waitress was worth a damn, we would have ordered some desert. I'm very happy for Jill and Bryan, they'll be the first of my friends to likey bouncy, and I marvel at their adventure.

Later that evening the McDowells, the O'Connors, and the Moynihans played a personal question game, wherein you had to guess who answered what. I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I was the only one to go five or five during my turn...

The next day was filled lighthouse visiting, and also meeting new friends and getting together to play a spirited homerun derby, which sucked for me because when I was up there was nary a dinger to be found.

In the evening we had a BBQ comeplete with burgers, dogs, salads, and even more LOBSTER! I was the one who had to drop them into the pot, and everyone wanted to know if I could hear them screaming as they entered the hot hot heat. No, I said, I couldn't hear them screaming over my own laughter. Muahahah.
We ended the night playing more games, this one called celebrity. It was quite awesome and I hope to add it to my repertoire... Maine was just a really, really laidback place, and I enjoyed the memories of this road trip, including tidepooling, guitar sing-alongs, breakfast sandwiches, baseball games, stats, and taking in the Shipyard Brewery.

We left on Sunday night and arrived in Boston after driving down the freeway at 20mph because of the wall of water falling from the sky. Stephanie came over to Louis' for dinner and we supped on the choicest meats and potatoes. I love roadtrips, I love seeing old friends and partaking in their happiness, but most of all I love the fact that there are more to come!

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