Monday, March 26, 2007

Lousy Smarch Weather

It's been a long March, and while it's not yet over with, i feel it meet to regale you with tales from New York. I started this month off on the right foot: by getting violently ill after eating (devouring really) pork chops which i had thought i had cooked thoroughly. somehow heather escaped my fate despite eating the same, and thank god, as i used TWO of my alotted 6 sick days this year. you won this round, white meat.

i was lucky that my illness was localized entirely in my duodenum, and that it was relatively short-lived, beacause Jay came to visit with his sister from colorado! we did many a fun thing, none more fun than another brilliant brunch at Libation.

March also visited me with the ghost of work-place promotions, as starting in April, i will be a regular Editor for GHG Advertising. this was a welcome turn of events, if not unscripted, as i had been hearing rumors around the office for months now about my being bumped up. and now it's here, replete with raise and bonus to boot. i feel great. here are some of the shots they took of me for the company facebook:


I was so enamoured with March thus far, that on the day i was told of my new station in life, i took a walk over to the Union Square green market wherein i took the following pics with my phone:


It was a peculiar situation. i had just purchased a single apple for immediate consumption, and seconds later a mother/daughter team was standing there topless, and their personal professional photographer was snapping photos for what i could only assume was a mother/daughter portrait. that's not a family i would want to be a part of, though i do wonder about the conversation in which that photogrpaher was hired...

We have some visitors coming in the next few weekends, which i look forward to as i love holding court. i just hope my forehead heals by then. i might have mentioned earlier, or in passing conversation, that i am attempting to play rugby these days. i had answered a craigslist ad to play rugby in prospect park a few months ago, and while i had just wanted to learn the game, get some excercise and play grabass with some dudes, i was suddenly conscripted into a team called the New York Americans. Conscription is quite the right diction here, as we had a tournament on Saturday that i was certain was merely a gathering of a few clubs, maybe other guys who were playing in other parks. but no. this was armageddon with cleats.

have you ever seen a Civil War battle scene?
it felt a lot like this. mostly because there was a lot of yelling and screaming 'hold the line!' and a lot of me getting my ass kicked. i haven't competed legitamately in anything in a long time, and after making the mistake of the tardy (not eating breakfast) i found myself on randal's island at 930am, adrenaline surging whilst in the midst of battle with large angry men. my team did win our first game, but not our second, and we were lost to the auspices of the bracket system of USA Rugby. i saw a lot of crazed things that day, wrestling with the berzerkers who were too wild to stay in the official rugby leagues in europe. while battling head to head in many a scrum i recalled the view of a D-Day veteran who walked upon the beach, into a wall of bullets, never more desperate to believe in heaven, never more sure it didn't exist.

Rugby 045

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