Monday, July 18, 2005

If I Can Make it There...

we've arrived in New York, with a few changes to our play:

the apartment won't be ready August 1st (it was supposed to be ready July 15, then pushed, now it seems pushed again), which is disappointing. however, i have a cousin who lives in yonkers, which is where we are staying now until the place is ready.

i've been hired as a private tutor and start immediately, adding much stress to an already stressful time

we're borrowing a friend's car to get back and forth from the 4 train into Manhattan (the only way to get to work) which is also stressful (NY drivers are frikkin nuts) but very appreciated, because to rent a car would be hundreds of dollars a week

however, upon arrival to yonkers we noted a steak house called, "Boulder Creek," and thought it would be a hoot to try it out. but the hoot, to me, became surreal as the menu items consisted of "flatirons steak salad" and "Denver strip steak" and "rocky mountain" this and "front range" that. what are the odds of two coloradoans trekking thousands of miles to start a new life only to find a Colorado themed restaurant 5 minutes from their home? i found it odd and wondered aloud if New York wasn't trying to tell us to go home. Heather posited that it was just the opposite: Colorado telling us to not forget who we are.


Blair Brown said...

Amen to Heather!

LA said...

You are the next John Kennedy Toole, which places Heather in the uncomfortable position of being Myrna Minkoff.