Sunday, June 19, 2005

the Blogger of Bushwick

but i haven't told you yet about our trip to new york with two objectives in mind: 1) find heather a job and 2) find a place to live.

so we naturally split duties. she ventured alone to her own job fairs and interviews, held me in tow the following mornings when she had to audition by giving a practice lesson to live classes. i walked around manhattan and brooklyn, looking at overpriced studios and spoken-for single bedrooms and for the first 5 days of our 6 day trip it seemed like neither of us was accomplishing our goals.

then on the last day, literally just hours before our plane back to colorado was to take off from la guardia and completely independent of one another, she found a teaching gig on starr street in brooklyn, and i found a lovely 2 bedroom only two blocks away.

mission accomplished.

it's perfect! rent stabalized 3rd floor walk-up, hardwood floors, two bedrooms, living room, kitchen (with nooks) and full bathroom. natural light, lots of windows, directly across from a park, on the same block as the grocer, two blocks from the subway and a 3 minute walk to heather's new school.

i'm really proud of heather, she scored a great job teaching 6th grade which is an ideal situation for her. i'll be working on various projects, not the least of which will be my primary source of income: starting a tutoring business with my friend, the low.

our move in date is july 15.

right now we are back in colorado, visiting heather's parents. this is the first time i've met them, but already i feel at home. hayden is in the high country, a beautiful universe of the sublime.

anyway, this blog will pick up after we move in and whatnot, complete with pics, until then i'm still on vacation.


h said...


Sounds wonderful.

Nicci said...

I'm so happy for you! Go get em big guy.

LA said...

I feel obliged to offer you fair warning; the Big Apple is going to chew you up, digest you, and leave you as excrement smeared across the Jersey Turnpike. My only regret is that you're besmirching a decent woman in the process. However, as you've signed the lease I feel it only fair I come to visit from time to time, yet still I hope your demise is as bitter and damning as our friendship has been. Anyway, tootles!

Mic said...

I'll ahve to try and come out for my bday, actually later sometime during my 2 weeks off from work before school starts again. If i can get it off. and affod it.

Mic said...

OH yeah, and if la is right, you should go out End of Days style.

Blair Brown said...

I read your blog finally...congrats

Jay said...

I guess I should say something here, so you can officially say all of your friends have chimed in. I'm happy for you guys, but wonder why you would be so anxious to live in an apple. You're more of a steak and eggs kind of guy.

Anonymous said...

are you and low really opening a business? does Matt Spence really have a big ol potato sack?

Anonymous said...

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