Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Augustus? August-you!

I know it’s been a while since I wrapped at ya, but August, despite what Eliot says, is the cruelest month of them all.

And by cruel I mean chock-full of events…

Over Saturday the 2nd, heather had her big Frisbee tourney, which tragically ended with a lightning storm, quite ironically the big bangs of electricity ending her Frisbee season with not a bang but a whimper. The games had to be called off, and we drove home in the rain…

That night heather had a bachelorette party to go to in the city, which I drove her to happily, as I love driving in the city and took that opportunity to give a call to Yovvy to see what he was up to. ‘well,’ he said, ‘my girlfriend is also at a bachelorette party.’ So we decided to hang out, drank a few beers and went to a UCB show after which we used his iPhone as a homing beacon to drive around Manhattan in search of late night Indian food.

We had no such luck and settled upon an all-night diner, and discussed how small the world is, how no matter how large it may seem, sometimes you run into people who you have a connection to, and it freaked us both out. After eating we walked back to my parked car where we found that a limousine had parked in front of us, and who’s limousine was it? The bachelorette party that Yovvy’s girlfriend, liz, was attending. Not 5 minutes earlier they had parked in front of my car on 2nd avenue in search for late night fries. Small world.

The weekend after that heather and I road-tripped it up to Lake George, where we spent the weekend betting on the ponies in Saratoga, relaxing, and meeting my friend Ken’s girlfriend. Ken seems really happy, which is good, though I am sure he would have been happier if he had won any money at all at the track. I had no luck, either, and as we drove back home Sunday afternoon, I vowed to change my betting strategy for next year.

The following week Radiohead played in Boston on a fucking Wednesday, which meant that I couldn’t go. Thanks, tards. I spent that weekend playing house and getting ready for yet another roadtrip, this time to cape cod.

Yes, I just got back from cape cod yesterday, having driven there to perform the wedding of Louis & Terri. Cape cod was a wonderful place to visit, though a bit of a drive, I am not sure how Liz and Seamus do it all the time. The wedding itself was beautiful and I got a lot of kudos for the ceremony I wrote. Not a dry eye in the house! I was a tad stressed out because of the friction between their families’ seeming need for the ceremony to be religious and my obvious paganism, but it was all smoothed out after I offered to only sacrifice one goat, not a blasphemous two.

And that’s August. Here and there I filled time with ill-advisedly reformatting my laptop, UCB improv, Olympic fever, harvesting my tomatoes and cucumbers, getting a raise and enjoying my first month as the newest copywriter for GHG.

Fall is quickly approaching, as evidenced by the cool mornings we’ve been having. I love autumn, and look forward to it, though i will remember summer 2008 as my first married summer when I was (*cough*) young and new to married life, and heather and I were learning about the world and shining our gold medals. Didn’t I tell you? Our nation of two won gold in Greco-roman kissing.

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