Friday, February 08, 2008

Best Show Ever

So Mitt's dropped out leaving McCain as the front runner, a man who by my account should have beat Bush in 2000, but wasn't smart enough to play as dirty as Bush did. So 8 years later, McCain is 72 years old and if he does win 2 terms in office, will be 80 by the time he leaves. Hope he chooses a good VP, but he'll probably choose Huckabee to carry the South, which is evidently full of people who don't believe in evolution, which is evidently the devil.

Of course, I'm sure a democrat will win this November, and I think it will be a tight race still, which worries me because that means that a large chunk of people in this country think we're doing a great job in the world, and that 8 years of Republican "leadership" and Democratic milquetoasts have not made us worse off than we were on January 20, 2000.


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