Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Lost Boys

So last night was a giant clusterfruck, and i absolutely KNEW that netflix would screw me. all i wanted to do was sit and wait for trick-or-treaters in my new suburban enclave, watch the Lost Boys and pass out candy. i woke up Halloween morning and said to myself, 'That's all i want: to watch the Lost Boys, the Lost Boys rules...there's no way I am watching this without a fight today is there.'

and then of course i get home and the Lost Boys arrives, literally split in two. thanks netflix, but then my old friend Blockbuster came through for me and by 9pm i was in keifer Sutherland-land.

Heather was unamused at my fascination with vampires, with Keifer Sutherland at his best, and she had no recollection of 1980's phenomenon 'the Cory's'. Granted, she spent most of her childhood playing in the great outdoors, while i wasted away watching MTV and immersing myself in the pop culture of teen throbs and brat packs (she's also never seen the Breakfast Club).

ultimately, we didn't even get trick-or-treaters because our street has turned into a construction zone. they are installing sidewalks, and there is literally a moat in front of my house...i am sure kids would have fallen in and impaled themselves on rebar and tools and whatnot. damn kids.

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