Thursday, November 22, 2007

The First Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody! Stay tuned for live blogging!

UPDATE: 12:23 - we just woke up and got ready for a great day
UPDATE: 1:03 - i am taking a trip to the store to get some last minute ingredients, my sister-in-law is here and awaiting a tour of our little town, here we go!
UPDATE: 2:20 - after a successful run to Stop&Shop, we now have the rest of the foodstuffs needed for a great Thanksgiving! Our creations await us...
UPDATE: 2:47 - we are toggling between football on TV, and the movies 'Austin Powers' and 'Dances with Wolves.' The turkey is in the oven, and the cheese platter ala Steph has been made!

UPDATE: 3:00 - We are now watching our Shawshank Redemption DVD and have just toasted to our first Thanksgiving!

UPDATE: 4:08 - The Turkey is DONE!

UPDATE: 4:30 - We are now eating, and a happy Thanksgiving to you all!


Nicci said...

Love it! So what are you doing today? I'd like a step by step account please. Have you seen

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