Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Missing: One Camera, phone

i have a tremendous amount of news and things to share, but most paramount among them now is that yesterday morning i lost a bag containing my cell phone, iPod charger cord, and digital camera. i feel terrible because they were expensive and dear to my heart, but i also feel terrible because i actually called my phone from work and a lady answered.

ME - oh, hello? you have my phone?
LADY - yes, i found your phone. my daughter and i were on the train platform in brooklyn, and she said, 'look mommy, a bag.'
ME - well i'd like to meet up...

and this is where it took a weird turn. from what i could gather from her rambling, we were either to meet up at 11am, she worked just six blocks from me, we could meet easiy, she wanted to know what i looked like so i she could spot me on the corner.

but to no avail. she never showed up to rendezvous, and i am left here phoneless and cameraless. but at least i can listen to my iPod. oh wait.

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