Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy New Year

As my work day, and week, winds down here on 5th Ave, I'm rumenating on the things I have to do not just now (like clean my desk, cubicle, etc. for the holiday cleaning) but tonight (like clean the apartment, pack , check the weather and flight status) and in 2007 (take classes at the UCB Theatre, take the GREs, get married, attend many a friend's wedding [and officiate one!]).

I got a lot on my plate!

UPDATE 12/21 3:15

We didn't get to go to Colorado yet, as there is a massive blizzard there and all flights were cancelled. SO, we'll go to my company's holiday party and maybe drive upstate for a night to see a pal. Christmas vacation on the fly, nothing like it!

UPDATE 12/25 11 11:33

We arrived into Hayden directly (bypassing Denver) and are enjoying the holidays. I am sure to have pics up soon and whatnot. Merry Christmas to you all!

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