Monday, November 20, 2006

Great Weekend

Saturday was fun, Heather had a brunch/wedding gown try-outs all day, and I did apt maintenence stuff (read: played Xbox) all day.

Sunday was also great, we went to a park wherein I found a lamp that had fallen off its post, much like the one pictured here, and I decided to take it back home to a) make a chandelier b) pot a plant inside it or c) sell it on eBay. it' pretty big, weighs like 45 pounds and looks cool, but i better figure out what to do with it, pronto.

the weekend was also peppered with games of Scrabble (thanks Nicci!) and warm coffee house hanging-out, and shrimp fetuccini. the freaking Broncos lost to the Chargers, which means the Chargers are probably contenders for the Superbowl (damn them), and the poker club i play with on Wall Street was interviewed for the local news.

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