Wednesday, October 04, 2006

36 Hours in Queensbury, New York, Redux

I spent another weekend in the place i call hometown, to go to my old high school's homecoming game with a buddy of mine, Ken Liberty. By some fluke of poor planning the Queensbury Spartans were playing the Burnt Hills Spartans, to whom they lost 42-20.

I ran into many old teachers and coaches and was beguiled by their memory of a football season in 1997 that sent we Spartans to the "Dome to Bring the Title Home."*

While much of the high school remains as I had left it, there are new editions and wings and even display cases which showcase the stars from yesteryear who have gone on to some notoriety...

The weekend was just resplendent with fond memories and laughs, updates and train travel along the Hudson River, which is beguiling in and of itself.

*no title was ever brought home.

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