Sunday, January 01, 2006

Day One

but i haven't told you yet about our new year's eve. i might take you back to a couple nights ago when my cell phone fell out of my pocket into a cab and i went crazy without it. the last thing i needed was to shell out another 200 for a phone, or to lose everyone's number or have no way for potential employers to reach me...but thankfully after calling it for 12 hours someone picks up, it was the cabbie, and we arranged to meet at a well known corner in the lower east side. i offered him a twenty, for a thank-you tip, but he refused it five times and i got the new year's eve miracle i was hoping with my phone in hand, and heather on my arm, i went to dana's place for a few pre-party drinks and we all took a cab to 55th and 3rd avenue, where a party was underway. after the drinking and eating and the dancing and the talking, we cabbed it down to 3rd street and avenue B to go to the twins' place where there was more drinking and dancing (dirty or otherwise) and then we all made it up tot he rooftop for the midnight hour and celebrations were wonderful.

today, heather and i will venture to the upper west side for brunch with friends, and a walk in the park, we'll talk about the things we can't remember and things we won't forget, we'll kiss under oak trees and hold hands by the river, she will shiver with a breeze and i'll hold her close. welcome to 2006: it is overcast, 41 degrees, the world abounds with war and love and forgiveness and sorrow and promise and ambition.

i am alive.

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Anonymous said...

Christ, this is one long day.