Monday, July 25, 2005

the Carni Code

on sunday heather and i ventured into the fabled Coney Island section of brooklyn (which is a bit of a misnomer, as it is not an island, but rather just the the southern most coast of Long Island).

coney island is the home of the famous Cyclone (wooden) roller coaster, Nathan's Famous hotdogs, Shoot the Freak (a game wherein you shoot paintballs at a human target), the Wheel of Wonder (a ferris wheel with unhinged seats) and the most deplorable beaches this side of the N train. i did jump into the Atlantic though, my first time. i also did all of the above except shoot the aforementioned freak, mostly because the human target in question happened to be a black guy, and i have a substantial amount of white guilt for a Latino. heather kicked my ass at both skee ball and that game where you shoot water into the clown's mouth. she won a stuffed bear.

it was the best day in a string of good days for me, mostly because it had been so long since i had been to both a beach and an amusement park. people were fishing for sea bass and crab off the pier, which seemed amazing to me as they would send down whole chicken carcasses, to harvest the smallest crabs ever. i just had to ask, why not eat the chicken?

and now some gems from the wonderful world of East Harlem Sol:

[reading homework aloud]
Sol has $2000 in the bank and Nick has $1000, [interjects] which is 50% WRONG, [continues reading] what is the ratio of Sol's money to Nick's?

[pointing to my elbows, which are notoriously dry and flaking]
You ashy! You need some lotion.

[replying to my suggestion we cut across a courtyard instead of walking around it]
nah, you don't want no drama! this is the PROJECTS, they like to mess with the white people. but you mixed, so who knows.

indeed who knows?

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